Frequently Asked Questions

Shelter FAQ's

We provide necessities for you and your family at no charge.

If you are coming with children, you and your children will receive a room by yourselves. Rooms for mothers coming by themselves are organized based on availability and the number of women and children at the shelter. You may be asked to share a room with another resident. The kitchen, living area and bathrooms are common areas shared with the other residents.

Yes, your other children are welcome to enter the shelter with you. You and your children will be provided a bedroom to share. We cannot accept children over the age of 11 years old but please contact us if you have children over the age of 11 who would need to come with you.

No, the shelter and all program services including Aftercare and Materials Assistance are free.

We encourage clients to explore a healthier lifestyle for mind, body, and soul through counseling programs. Individual counseling and other therapy programs are available for both mothers and their children.

You are responsible for watching and caring for your children. Childcare may be provided during group activities, if available. Our Care Coordination team will work with you and your children offering support, information, and resources.

Safety is a priority at OLAMS. Every resident is asked to keep the location of the shelter private.

We provide transportation to prenatal visits and community and social service resources, if needed.

OLAMS provides comprehensive support for the “whole” parent, through a variety of proven and evidence-based methods to help parents reach their goals. We provide pregnancy and parenting courses, life skills courses such as financial literacy, job-readiness training, workforce development support, higher education support, and benefits application assistance.”

Yes, no information is shared with other agencies unless requested by you or you give your written permission. Residents are also asked to honor the privacy of other residents by not discussing their names or situations with anyone else.

Materials Assistance FAQ's

Materials assistance is limited to 56 items. If you exceed the item limit, we require you take a class or attend a counseling session prior to setting up a materials assistance order. These meetings can take place over the phone or by video conferencing.

You can start receiving materials from the time you are pregnant until your child is 36 months old or if you have children under the age of 36 months.

You may receive materials assistance every 30 days. We try to keep your pickup days on the same day every month. For example, if you first picked up materials on August 22nd, the next time you can receive materials would be September 22nd, and so forth.

To receive materials, we require you to take a 15-minute minimum class or session covering subjects such as potty training, tantrums, eating habits, bedtime challenges, or anything you may be struggling with. You choose the subject matter discussed.

One service we offer is prayer. If you want and agree to it, someone from our facility will pray with you. This is not required to receive materials assistance.

A biological mother or father or the adoptive mother or father of a child under 36 months old. Foster parents who are intending to adopt a child under the age of 36 months old are also eligible.

If you are not a US Citizen but receive food stamps, WIC, or other government assistance you qualify.

No, we do not verify income.

Yes, as long as your child is 0 to 36 months, each person is eligible and will enroll separately. You may only pick up your own materials assistance.

No, each person must sign for their own materials.